Led by Steve Tiebout

This group is a prerequisite for church membership at The River. Steve will share the history of The River, our beliefs, mission, vision, and introduction to practical disciplines that any believer can utilize to further their relationship with Jesus. If you are a new believer or have not yet become a member of the church, this is a great place to start.

lies men slide.png

Led by Jeremy Gore

The most dangerous lies are always the most alluring. They come to us in the guise of the good, the delightful, and the wise (Gen. 3:6). Join us for this insightful and practical study that will not only unmask those lies, but also teach us how to recognize them for what they are.

Lies Women Believe Slide.png

Led by Melissa Tiebout

The woman of today is so bombarded by so many falsehoods. These messages may originate from painful childhood experiences or from media that emphasize beauty and glitz above all else. Join us for this study that exposes Satan as the source of these lies and points women back to the turth found only in God's word.

life in community slide.png

Led by Denny & Tiffany Maynard

When people live in community moved by the gospel and marked by the Spirit, great things happen! If you are not currently in a Life Group and you would like to be, this is a wonderful opportunity to start. Denny and Tiffany are excited to embark on this journey with you to join the movement and unleash the power of extraordinary community.

prodigals Slide.png

Led by Glen & Helen Sayes

More than a guide to parenting, this study is for moms and dads who question, 'what did I do wrong' and 'where is God'? Parents will realize that God is at work in their lives as well as their child's. Through the wisdom of God's word, parents can experience his presence like never before and see him as the one who redeems wasted years of rebellion and gives life abundant.