Join us on a Sunday!


What You Will Experience

Our Sunday morning experience includes thought-provoking teaching, incredible music and a comfortable environment. We will say 'good morning' to you as you come in and hand you a program with more information about the morning. 


Our Core Values

It makes total sense to wonder about what is at the core of a local church, and we welcome the opportunity to share this any chance we get. We are confident in what God has called us to be in our community.

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Your Child's Experience

We have an exceptional program for children (birth-sixth grade).  Our team focuses on creating environments that are fun, age-appropriate, biblically based, and safe. Through games, music, storytelling and hands on learning, we provide an experience that kids will love being a part of every week! 


Come & Join Us!

We used to say "no perfect people allowed", however, if you believe you are perfect - you are still welcome. If you are like the rest of us (flawed, hurt, lacking, trying hard) then you will feel right at home. We are an eclectic church with all kinds of backgrounds. Come and join us - there is no requirement for us all to agree on everything. Here is a map to help you find us.