Trust Me, I've Got This.

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“Do not be afraid little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”

Luke 12:32

I’ve been afraid of many things over the years. When I was young there were scary things like the dark, bullies, or missing the school bus. As I got older, other factors like getting a job in time to pay my bills and driving at night in the rain came into play. And then there are spiders - I’m still working on that one. One particular fear has gripped me for years. For as long as I can remember, public speaking could strike fear into my deepest depths like nothing else. It was an uncontrollable paralyzing sense of panic that would take over my entire being when I had to get in front of a group and have all eyes on me. I would get tunnel vision where I could only see the one spot where my eyes were directly looking; everything else would go black. Then all I could hear was my voice. Not my words, mind you, just my voice. Who knows what I was saying. I’ve had to ask classmates before if I actually said words that made sense. I’m not sure how I got to the front of the group or how I made it back to my seat. The whole ordeal was traumatizing every time.

Some of you can relate. Others are great at public speaking and have no idea why I was so afraid. Either way, all of us have situations that have made us so afraid that we wanted to give up, turn back, and avoid at all cost the source of the fear. Thankfully, we are not alone. God’s chosen people He led out of Egypt got caught up in fear. Remember the Israelites when Moses sent out the 12 spies to scout out the land God had promised? When they came back with the report, only two came back believing what God said. The other ten got distracted by what they saw. They said there were giants in the land and there was no way the Israelites could defeat them. They were afraid!

What is it that makes you afraid? Pray and ask God to show you. Sometimes we don’t recognize what fear is at the root of an issue. Ask Him to reveal any fears you may have that you don’t even realize are there.  What blessing is your fear keeping you from stepping into?  Ask God to help you step into His plan. If God has told you that you can do it, then go do it! I once heard a pastor say , “Do it afraid until you aren’t afraid anymore.” I love that. God doesn’t ask you to have everything under control. He just wants you to take that first step in faith. You’ll find that as you move where God prepares the way for you, his perfect love will cast out fear.

You know what God says about fear? Don’t. Don’t fear. Don’t be afraid. It’s said that the Bible tells us this 365 times. I haven’t counted, but I know that if the Bible says it even once, we can trust it. He doesn’t just say don’t fear and then leave it all up to us. He tells us He is with us and that He will never leave us. God knows there are challenges in life. He knows there are difficult situations and circumstances, but He says, “Trust me. I’ve got this.” The enemy wants us to focus on the fears. If he can keep our eyes on what is scary and uncertain and seemingly insurmountable, he knows that our eyes won’t be on the One who protects us, watches over us, guides us, provides for us, loves us, and even puts His own life up for ours. We are His little flock and he is pleased to give us the kingdom.


Amy Key works as a secretary during the week and helps her friend with catering in her free time.  She enjoys serving on the kitchen team with her daughter.  On Sundays she can usually be found serving breakfast to the wonderful volunteers here at the River.


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