Hugging the Homeless.


I have a friend that demonstrates humility in such a beautiful way it makes me want to be like her. One day while going in to a convenience market she saw a very dirty smelly homeless guy. Her first thought was to lock her car and stay far from him.  When she had time to really look at him she recognized him from her high school days. She remembered how he was and how no one would ever guess he would be where he is now. The truth is we could be in his shoes, or at least I could. There have been times in my life that if I had lost my job, we would have been on the street. Thankfully God has always supplied our every need through blessing me from one job to the next.  

When she got in her car to leave the market she was driving away when the Lord told her to go back. She tried to reason with the Lord with excuses why she shouldn’t or couldn’t but the Lord persisted. She turned around went in the store, purchased a drink and snacks and took them to the man and said “These are for you!” He was very appreciative. They talked for a few minutes and then they hugged. She said he smelled really bad and his smell got on her but it was the best smell in the world because of what she was able to do for Jesus. I am not sure I would have responded that way, but I hope that every time Jesus tells me to love on people I will and I won’t worry about the smell.

Loving on people and not putting ourselves higher than them is a constant struggle with our flesh. One we can't win with our own strength. It requires us to see people the way Jesus sees them, to lean into His strength.

When Jesus washed the disciple’s feet he was humbling himself before them. Why would this clean perfect man bow down and wash their nasty feet? Because he saw their worth. Jesus sees our worth, not in what we have, what we have done or even where we live - Jesus sees our worth in what we can become through his strength. The call, the challenge, is to pick this up and model Jesus' humility to others.

Think about: What can you do to humble yourself and serve others? For all of us who exalt ourselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus may we be humble and kind in a way that is pleasing to you. Not for our own gain but for your kingdom purposes. Help us to see others with your love and not our puffed up world view of who we think deserves love. Lord you love us all and you say we are to love all, not just the pretty ones, the clean ones but ALL. Jesus help us to do that. In Jesus name I pray.


Rita Reagan is a mother of 3 grown children and Nana to 7 grandchildren. An Education Coordinator for a healthcare  company, Rita loves to laugh and is compassionate about helping people in need. A widow herself, Rita mentors single women and desires to leave a legacy of serving her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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