One bad drive.

One Bad Drive.png

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

Beautiful days in August mean that I get the amazing privilege to watch my son play golf for his high school golf team. On this particular day, it is obvious that all of his hard work perfecting his game is paying off. 

As the match begins, my son starts off with "not such a good first shot" but, continues to find a way to make the desired score for that hole. After several holes in this match, although not all his shots have landed where he intended them to, his score was still shaping up to be quite good. When playing golf, the lower the score (number of strokes) the better, and he is on track to shoot one of his lowest rounds ever. With only two holes left, his drive from the tee goes into the woods and he can't find it. He must take what is called a “drop” which adds an extra stroke to his game. At this point he is frustrated but is hoping to at least finish this hole with just that one extra stroke.

As he proceeds to play this hole he just keeps making poor shots. With each bad shot he continues to get more and more frustrated, resulting in his emotions controlling how he is playing, and in that one hole he blew his record round. After he turns in his score into the coach he said to me “mom, I just couldn’t catch a break today.”  In his mind he felt his one bad drive had sent him on the course to destruction. In actuality, he had let that one drive dictate how HE handled himself. He could have let that first bad shot go and continued playing with the intent to do better yet, he let a few bad moments and decisions dictate his future ability to play. Before that destructive drive, he was free from the anger that captured him and kept him captive the rest of his match.  

We often let the same kind of captivity come upon us when it comes to our freedom in Christ. We often let past mistakes or circumstances hold us captive in our lives. We sometimes let a mistake put a yoke (anger, frustration, etc.) upon us that causes a pattern of mistakes to emerge. We let sin hold us down to what our true potential for the Lord is. 

Jesus came to set us free. Friend, do not be a slave to your past, or to sin, any longer! You can be free!! Confess your mistakes, know that you can let them go - because Jesus has! Move forward from your one bad shot, and finish your record game. God has a plan for you, be free and choose to be all that he wants you to be.

Think about: What is the "bad shot" that I have let hold me captive? What am I going to do next when I let Christ set me free from this yoke of slavery?

Prayer: God, thank you for Jesus and thank you for freedom. I know that my past mistakes do not dictate my future if I allow myself to embrace the freedom you have offered me. Help me to move on from my past mistakes this week.


Amy Pearson

River Community Church