The Good Friends


I remember years ago when our first four children were little, we were busy raising them, serving in many areas of ministry and just trying to make it and survive. During this time one of our greatest joys was hosting a lifegroup in our home. Each Wednesday night we joined with other young couples and children to open the Word of God and “do” life together. It was CRAZY!!!! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of craziness that ensued each week in our basement playroom. We sure were thankful when the weather was warm and they could all play outside. At one point I think we had about 14-16 adults and the kids outnumbered us two to one! CRAZY!!!!
But each week we shared a meal together, studied the Word and also shared life’s joys and sorrows. It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ. During this time our washing machine, which was already about 25 years old, went on the blink. It was going to cost more to get it fixed than it was worth. But we didn’t have the money to have it fixed or to get a new one. Somehow our lifegroup found out about our little issue and also understood how hard our lives would be without a washing machine at home and the mountains of laundry that were done at our home each week. We still don’t know to this day who did it or how it happened. But, I received a phone call one day saying that a delivery guy would be delivering and installing our brand new washer. I tried to explain that we hadn’t ordered a new washing machine but he assured me that it was to be delivered at this address and in our name. We were blown away by our lifegroup’s love for us. Because of our friends’ sacrificial giving to our family we were also amazed at God’s love and realizing that He is mindful of us and our everyday needs.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 4:19

So often God chooses to give us what we need through His people. He owns everything that we possess and sometimes He entrusts us to do things for others for His glory, to build our faith and to strengthen our bonds of friendship and being the family of God to one another. This incident for us was an incredible example of God supplying our need and using His people to do it.

Think about it: Pastor Steve likes to say, “See a need, meet a need”. Is there a need that you can meet to show someone the love of Christ?  Do you truly believe that everything you own is God’s and that He may choose to use you to show His love to others?Sometimes these times of giving to others can be hard and a sacrifice for us and our families. Are you willing to give even when it may be uncomfortable at times?

Prayer: Father thank you for caring about our needs and for being mindful of us. Help us to see those in need around us and stir our hearts when you may want to use us to give to others and show them your love. We recognize that all we have is yours. Help us to be obedient to your voice and to step out to be your hands and feet to others. 


River Community Church