Freedom from our Silver Chair.

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Open the eyes of their hearts, and let the light of Your truth flood in. Shine Your light on the hope You are calling them to embrace.

Ephesians 1:18 

I truly love the vivid imagery of C.S. Lewis’s book, The Silver Chair.  I know he wrote it for children, but it holds so many relevant parallels to our spiritual journey as believers.  

Maybe you recognize its story of a prince who’s been kidnapped and taken to a subterranean kingdom. Because he’s under an enchantment, this prince doesn’t realize he’s a prince or that he’s enslaved.  The only indication that something might be awry are his nightly psychotic episodes.  During these episodes he must be tied to his silver chair lest he turn into a snake and devour those around him.  

Enter Jill and Eustace, the 2 children who have been tasked by Aslan with finding and rescuing this prince.  Upon having the opportunity to observe his nightly episode, they hear the young man suddenly tell them of the enchantment, his imprisonment, and desperately plead to be set free.  It is only during this one hour each night that the young man remembers who he is and that he is indeed a captive.  

Jill, Eustace and their Marshwiggle companion, Puddleglum are hesitant to release him, but upon hearing the young man invoke the name of Aslan, they realize they must set him free.   Upon being released, Prince Rilian takes his sword and hacks to pieces the source of the enchantment’s power over him – the silver chair.

Shortly after destroying the silver chair, Prince Rilian makes this statement while discussing his true identity with his rescuers:

“For now that I am myself I can remember that enchanted life, though while I was enchanted I could not remember my true self.”

His statement brings to mind the parable recorded in Luke’s gospel of a son who left his family and squandered his inheritance on wild living.  The Prodigal Son (like Prince Rilian) was living a life of bondage and had been brought so low that he didn’t remember his true heritage.

Luke 15:27 tells us it was not until “he finally came to his senses” that the Prodigal Son realized he had better options.  

From time to time we all need to have a “come to our senses” moment.  We’ve been living under deception and held captive by an ugly sort of enchantment.  Our silver chair of bondage might be envy, anger, lust, greed, gossip, lying, control, manipulation, worry, or something else.  We are strapped down and held fast.  

Like Prince Rilian we might have periodic moments of awakening.  During these moments of lucidity, the pain of our choices hits us hard, but we aren’t without hope.

Like Jill and Eustace who freed Prince Rilian from his bonds, Jesus Christ, himself, has sliced away the chains that would hold us to our silver chair.  However, we have a part to play in our freedom.  

Like Prince Rilian, we must get up, grab the sword of Truth, and destroy the sin that holds power over us.

Sin’s ugly enchantment can be hacked to pieces as we honestly dialogue with our Heavenly Father by acknowledging our bad choices, asking for forgiveness and choosing to make choices in line with biblical truth.

This COMPLETE process of repentance will lead to freedom, and it is only by living in freedom that we experience all “The Good Life” has to offer.  

Are you being held captive under the deceptive power of sin, even one you consider as minor?  What is your silver chair?

Pray:  Father God, please expose the lies I am believing and replace them with your truth.  Open my eyes so that I might see any ugly enchantment that holds me captive.  Help me to walk in the freedom you offer.  Lead me to the Good Life.


Jennifer Greene is passionate about inspiring and empowering believers through the study and application of God's Word.  She and her husband Jordan have two daughters and have been members of The River since 2012.  One of the many hats she currently wears is that of Discipleship & Assimilation Intern here at the River.  You can find out more about her at

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