Big Question, Big Answer!

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The news was overwhelming following another terrorist attack, this time in Brussels. Media outlets slammed viewers with the typical attention grabbing headlines, repeated until numbness prevailed. Bad things have been happening since Eve took the whisperings of a wily serpent to heart; horrible unthinkable things have constituted most of history since. The difference I see is that only in recent times have we had instant notification of them from all parts of the world, key word being “instant”. These types of “events” saturate and assault our lives daily.

That particular day felt like I was being carried down a slope and buried in an avalanche, crushed with the weight of such sadness and loss. My heart cried out to God in despair, “What do I do with all this bad news? Do I have to know about every evil in the world when I can do nothing about it?!” An immediate answer resounded, “You can pray!” I had forgotten with Whom I was speaking!

The very next morning I read my devotional and was surprised that it dealt with this very subject and contained the same answer to my questions.  It basically said, “When overwhelmed, take three steps:                

  1. Pray for those who are not directly in my path.
  2. Help those directly in my path who I can help.
  3. Trust my heavenly Father with the rest.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the world? Is our God able and willing to answer our prayers? Do these three steps help make the “overwhelming” more “bite-size”?

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Romans 12:12-13

Think about:  We often forget we have the option to pray, and Who is on the other end of that prayer. We forget that an intentional prayer to the God of the universe is a sacred thing, calling forth the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. This week, how can you employ those three steps in your life? Who can you pray for? Who can you help as an answer to their prayer? How can you choose to trust God with the rest?

Pray:  Heavenly Father, help me understand who you are, your power and sovereignty over EVERYTHING! Help me to trust you, knowing that when the world is overwhelming, nothing is beyond your control, and help me see the needs directly in my path. Thank you for the hope I have in Jesus. 


River Community Church