What's his name?


January 26th:

To say that my son was having a rough day would be an understatement. He wasn’t prepared at school, he felt picked on by a parent, and too much “other stuff” was standing in the way of what he wanted to do with his time. If you promise to not tell him this, I’ll admit he was overloaded and it didn’t seem like he was going to be able to emotionally or physically figure out his situation. On top of all of this, it was a “change of household day” - and for the parents out there that have children with multiple homes, you know that these days can sometimes be the hardest. 

When he landed with me, the whole world was crumbling. Luckily (or intentionally through hard work) my son has a very strong faith in God for his age (9). One verse that we had been working on was Psalm 9:10. 

“Those who know your name trust you, for you O Lord, do not abandon

those who search for you.”

Psalm 9:10

I looked into his tired eyes and I said “Andrew, you know his name - say it!” He knew right away what I was talking about and “Jesus” came from his lips. My response is always the same in this “Since you know his name, I expect you to trust it and start searching!”

Andrew started searching right then. He started working on his homework and his reading that he had fallen behind on, cleaned up the kitchen and his room. He was even able to jump in the shower early that night. He didn’t have enough time to do what he wanted (Madden on his Xbox) but he did find a lot of joy in the day that God had given him. Before lights out I asked him if he found what he was looking for and he said “yes, when I don’t get to do what I want to do it causes me to be mean to you and Bristol. God helped me NOT be mean when I started looking for his help. I was able to get all caught up too.”

Andrew is 9, and sometimes the day is too much for him and he has to remember he is not abandoned. I’m 37, and sometimes the day is too much for me and I have to remember I am not abandoned. Faith isn’t something that I just get, it is something I do. It is something I do WHILE I am doing everything else. I know His name, I trust Him, I am searching for Him in everything I do and I am holding Him to the promise of not abandoning me! He has yet to fail me, but I will keep you updated if that ever changes.

Think about: When it was all too much to handle, how did you make it? When was a time when you leaned into your faith in Christ and felt his strength? 

Prayer: Jesus, I know your name and I am searching for you in all I come across throughout my day. I know you will prove your promise true; I know you won’t abandon me!



River Community Church