A time to serve

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I love coming to church. I love the music. I can't wait to hear what God has to say to me through the music, through the message. Church makes me feel loved. Why on earth would I consider leaving all that I feel comfortable with?

I have been a Christian for almost 40 years now, but there is little evidence in my life to prove it. I'm not kidding. What am I doing with my life that brings honor to God and shows the world Jesus? My desire to serve was burning inside me but I had no idea what God would do with me, a sinner saved by grace, with lots of mess in my past. I was scared to leave my comfortable place on Sunday morning, but I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me it was time to work. I had no excuses. The question became: Do I love people enough to give up my comfort and care about their soul?

I made the decision to follow Jesus and help plant a church. One Sunday morning the kids and I were on our way to church and I asked myself “Do I really love people?” I know I get aggravated, impatient, and intolerant sometimes - so do I care enough to move past my “feelings” and do what God commands? As I was driving a vehicle in front of us lost control, flipped over, and rolled out into a corn field. Telling the kids to stay in the car, I dialed 911 and ran into the field.  I saw the driver crawl out of the window and come toward me. He was alright, other than a small cut on his leg and being badly shaken up. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said yes. I thanked God hat the driver was not badly hurt. God allowed me to be there to care for someone during their storm - he gave me an opportunity to serve.

Through the accident, God showed me that he was going to surround me with this same opportunity through the new church. There would be people heading for a wreck in their lives and I would be there to pray for them (dial 911), love them, serve them, and tell them about Jesus' love. He showed me I can, and do, love people enough to share his love with them.

Think about: What has God blessed me with that I can bless others with? Where am I serving in my local church? Do I love others enough to share my life?

Pray: Lord Jesus thank you for giving us everything we need to serve you. May we not get comfortable just sitting and feasting on all that is good in church but desire to share your goodness with a world that is desperate for hope, your hope.


River Community Church