Putting Away

MN Harvest.jpeg

A Minnesota boy by birth, cold weather is definitely some of my favorite weather. Now - lets not get crazy. When the temperature drops to -22 and the wind chill puts it at -40, that is just insane. Minnesota is half full of winter days that fit that "insane" definition. However, Fall begins at the beginning of September in Minnesota. Like, real Fall. Leaves start changing, temperatures start dropping. 50 and 60 degree days start to become a reality and I start to love being outdoors. Fall can run into the beginning of November, and then after that it is best to stay in doors for about 5 months. I never thought it could be better than a Minnesota Fall, until I experienced the long, drawn-out, Tennessee Fall that often times stretches into mid-December. 

The Fall represents the passing away of a season for me, the "putting away" of the toil. The old is dying away and rest is coming. The fruit bearing plants have all sung their song and harvest is finishing off the labor they created. Fall is like nature closing the door, kicking back in the comfy chair and untying the work boots. Things are ending, but things have to end. The ending can be beautiful. When the year has been pleasant, the Fall becomes a celebration of success. When the year has been rough, then many times the Fall is a celebration that the rough has been well endured. 

For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 (NLT)

There will be a "putting away" in our lives. Some of us have Minnesota Falls that come early and leave quick. Others have Tennessee Falls that come later, but linger much longer. God is clear throughout his word though - the season of putting away, harvesting, is going to fade away and give into the season of rest. Eternity is something that has already begun - but it continues to progress towards a physical end, but a spiritual continue. The harvest we put away is what will sustain us through the winter. We can't ignore the time of harvest and we can't lose track of ourselves as we "put away". At the physical end we will come face to face with what our harvest has given us. Our only hope is that we have Christ beside us to celebrate and rest in the harvest we have finished. 

Think about: There are spiritual consequences to our work and toil, our harvest and putting away. Are you prepared for that? Have you sought out the Hope we have been offered through Christ? Jesus, the one who winters with us and brings us comfort at the end of a successful or hard season?

Pray: Lord, you are the one who who created Fall, modeled for us in nature the "putting away" of life and work and toil. I reach out to you and ask that as I start to put away for my physical winter that is approaching, that you will help me to "put away" for my spiritual winter that is also approaching. Help me to "harvest" well in the relationships you have given me this week by sharing of your goodness and love.