The Others

day 5.jpg

This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.

John 15:12

I know I am alone in this, but hear me out. Sometimes, I forget that other people exist. I am sure it is a neurological disorder or something - but I get lost in my own consciousness. 

I don’t even know how to explain it, but I think my best explanation is that I feel like I am sitting in a movie theater - but one of those futuristic theaters like only Disney or Apple or Google could create. I can interact with the screen and even give it direction. All the other people in this movie I am at are actors reading lines and taking my direction. They are helping me live out my story. That is who the others are, they are my supporting cast. 

My kids are the best actors and get the most scenes, followed closely by my co-workers. My kids are great though, acting on cue and fulfilling the storylines I create for them. They go off script sometimes - but it is okay. My co-workers seem like they drift off script more, but I am able to adapt things to make sure my story is not compromised by them and their failings. When the actors venture too far from my storyline, then all of a sudden - the movie theater is gone. Reality pulls me back and realigns my understanding of my existence. 

It isn’t my story. I am a part of the story - but I am not the central character. This is hard to swallow as I only can view the story I am in from my perspective. However, Jesus owns the story and provides real direction for the cast. If I can find a way to accept a supporting role in His story, and take direction, then I start to see a beautiful and timeless story unfold around me that I get to be a part of. The other people in my life are no longer people I am directing to accomplish my goals - they are people I am joining with to accomplish the goals of Jesus and his much greater story.

Jesus’ direction includes a call to love each other. A call to prefer each other. A call to lay down our life for each other. We aren’t as much individuals as we think we are - perspective is blinding us to the connectedness we all have in Christ. Jesus is not directing MY story, he is directing HIS story and HIS story involves a rich and diverse cast he calls The Church. 

Think about: When you slip into directing your own story, what is it that pulls you back to Jesus’ story? Can you, this weekend, find a way to full submit to the call Jesus puts on us to be His church? To love others? 

Pray: Lord, it is your story! Help me to rejoin the cast of your story and plug into Your Church this weekend. Help me to love the others in my life the way you love them - calling them to follow you.