Gonna have to serve somebody...

Don’t you realize you become a slave to whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living.

Romans 6:16

It would be wrong to say that Bob Dylan said it best, right? I mean – would that be considered blasphemy? Either way, we are going to serve something. We are going to obey someone. My dad always told me that I would understand when I got older. I hated it when he said that. Honestly, he still says it. However, I do understand it better now that I am older. I think that is what age, or maturity, does for you. The more time you spend testing and learning a truth, the more you understand how it impacts your life.

This truth doesn’t even have to be spiritualized for us to apply it to our relationship with God. This truth is spiritual in full – there isn’t a way to understand this truth that isn’t spiritual. For those of you with age, you 40-50 year old dudes or you “forever 29” year old ladies, I challenge you to look back on your life when you consider this. Don’t look forward yet, just look back for a minute. Who have you obeyed? Have you stuck with your own wisdom? Have you strictly obeyed the garbage of pop-culture? Have you turned around and just trust-fallen into the wisdom of God? Whatever it looks like, your past, consider that our data. Now, presently, how are you doing? Where did the data get us? How is life being a slave to whatever you are a slave to? Do you still like your master – is it a good one?

Let’s say you could back up 10-20 years. Would you, knowing where the data led you, choose to obey something different? You know your past and you know your present. You are also intelligent, so you know they ARE related. Who you choose to serve and what you choose to obey will absolutely shape your future.


Think about: Future. If your past master didn’t get you the results you hoped for, is it time to try a new one before you realize your future-present? Maybe, like me, your past looks like a blend of trying to serve both God, pop culture demands, self, who your mom wanted you to be. Maybe your results are a mixed bag that just leaves you saying: “I could have done better.” The good news is YOU CAN do better. What are you going to serve this week? I challenge you to look at how you spend your time and money this week and name the master that led you there. Well, it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord…


Prayer: Lord, looking at my past makes me want to be better. I know I can be better. I need to know whom I am serving, though. Please Lord – throughout the day today, help me to name my masters and help me realign with the one who leads me to righteous living.

River Community Church