Ought to do

Remember, it is sin to know the good you ought to do and then not do it.

James 4:17

You know that look in a child’s eye. A look of devilish independence when they realize they are actually capable of doing anything they want. In all honesty, it is something that is beautiful to see in your child’s eyes… for about 15 seconds. Although we don’t want to completely take away that independent spirit – we know we have to train our children to obey.  We want our kids to experience free will, but we also want them to understand “what they ought to be doing.”

God wants us to understand “what we ought to be doing”. Not just want he doesn’t want us to do – but what he wants us to do. I had a Youth Pastor tell me once: “Luke, if you spend your time doing what God called you to do – you won’t have any time to do what he told you NOT to do!” I added that to the list that also included my mother’s thoughts: “There is nothing going on after midnight that leads to good results.”

When I compile the wisdom of my youth pastor, my mom and the book of James – I start to realize that I should let the good I ought to be doing, consume my time.

Dream with me for a minute. What if we gave into it? What if we threw our hands up in the air and just say: “Alright God, I’ll do what I ought to do and see how this turns out.”


Think about: What are a few things I “ought to do” that I am not currently doing?

-       I ought to start my day with God (prayer, bible ready, sing that worship song…).

-       I ought to work hard at work, and play hard with my kids when I come home.

-       I ought to invite a friend to church this week.

-       I ought to SHOW I care more when I hear other’s bad news.


Pray: God, it is clear that you expect us to do what we ought to do – but honestly, I need a reminder of what that is. Please let your Holy Spirit show up in my life this week to remind me of what I ought to do. Not because it gets me favor with you – but because you have already shown me favor.